October 1, 2021, the State of California has mandated that all required Mechanical Acceptance Tests be performed by ONLY certified Mechanical Acceptance Test Technicians working for certified Mechanical Acceptance Test Employers. To meet these needs the Bay Area Training Centers will be conducting the required classes for the certification process. For Sheet Metal Journeypersons that do not hold a current TABB Technician certification, the MATT Level 1 certification is available through NEMIC (The National Energy Management Institute Committee, a national Joint Labor Management Committee) and offered through the training centers. There are two classes required, a lecture based class and a hands on lab class. The lecture class will cover State of California code and program requirements, the California Non Residential Compliance Manual and the required Mechanical acceptance test form requirements for each of the nine covered tests that MATT Level 1 technicians are allowed to perform. The Lab class will allow you to perform actual testing for each of the nine covered test forms and will include the required testing sessions for certification.

Two separate MATT Level 1 Lecture classes are scheduled to start May 2, 2022. Class A will be scheduled to attend on Monday & Wednesday evenings and Class B attending Tuesdays & Thursday evenings.   Due to current COVID-19 conditions and restrictions, all classes will currently be offered via Distance Learning format using Zoom Video Conferencing. The Hands on Lab classes will be scheduled to start at the conclusion of the final lecture class as an open lab concept.

This is a critically needed certification that can lead to excellent employment opportunities and job hours. In addition, Local 104 is offering a $500 bonus to those Journeypersons who achieve a MATT Certification.

Please contact your local JATC for enrollment information.


Revit 2022 for Detailing, online, starting 1/4/22

Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 104 and Bay Area Industry Training Fund is offering a fully online Revit class for existing detailers or those who are seriously interested in becoming full time detailers. The Revit 2022 for Detailing class is a fast paced, comprehensive course that covers how Revit is used to detail. It will be followed up by a Fabrication in Revit 2022 online class, which will focus on ductwork. The two classes together will give existing detailers a very solid foundation to begin detailing in Revit. A third class will be offered, Detailing Lab, after the Revit & Fabrication classes, for those members who are not detailers yet, & need more experience with detailing software, to gain confidence before applying for a detailing position.

Revit 2022 for Detailing is a 3-hour per week, 12-week, fully online journeyperson upgrade class. It covers what Detailers need to know to begin working in Revit. It is assumed that you know how to detail, whether by hand or using CAD software. Student Revit software will be provided. Prior CAD experience is not necessary, but you must have basic Windows computer skills. Please contact julief@smw104jatc.org for more information or call one of the Training Facilities to register for the class.

Not planning on becoming a full-time detailer, but would like to be able to use Revit software?

Do you think you might like to become a Detailer, but are not sure?

The Revit online class may not be the best fit for you. The Training Facilities are planning to offer in-person Introduction to Revit classes in 2022. Due to COVID, we do not have any Introduction to Revit in-person classes currently scheduled, but we are hopeful that circumstances will allow it in 2022.

Introduction to Revit is a 40-hour, 2 evenings per week, 6 week, in-person journeyperson upgrade class. It is designed for those members who have access to Revit on a jobsite & would like to be able to use Revit to perform simple tasks themselves, or think they might like to become detailers, but have not had exposure to detailing software. It will be taught at a moderate pace, covering the user interface, basic modeling skills, & some Revit duct. It will give you the opportunity to learn enough Revit to be able to open & make changes to files on a jobsite or find out whether detailing is an option you might like to consider. There are no prerequisites for this class, but very basic computer experience is helpful. To be placed on a notification list for when the class will be available, please contact julief@smw104jatc.org

If you are interested in taking either of these REVIT classes, please email Julie Fifield at julief@smw104jatc.org

ClassDescriptionInstructorStart DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd Time
SMQ20.2.W22BMeasure & SketchingCarrasco, Alejandro3/15/224/28/2217:00:0020:20:00
SMQ25.2.W22ADetailing IntroductionMendoza, Emmanuel 1/24/223/9/2217:00:0020:20:00
SMQ21.2.W22AProject ManagementRodriquez, Manuel R1/24/223/9/2217:00:0020:20:00
SMQ26.2.W22AForeman Training 2018Terry, David M.3/15/224/28/2217:00:0020:20:00
SMQ25.2.W22BDetailing IntroductionLau, Mark J3/15/224/28/2217:00:0020:20:00
SMQ27.2.W22BBasic AutoCADDeGuzman, Don3/15/224/28/2217:00:0020:20:00
SMQ24.2.W22AMetal RoofingHutton, Jason E1/24/223/9/2217:00:0020:20:00
Aptitude Test 20094/14/224/14/2213:00:0016:00:00
APPCLASS.2.W22A (2012)Applicant Informational Classes2/22/223/15/2217:00:0020:00:00
SMQ20.2.W22AMeasure & SketchingCarrasco, Alejandro1/25/223/10/2217:00:0020:20:00
SMQ27.2.W22ABasic AutoCADDeGuzman, Don1/25/223/10/2217:00:0020:20:00
SERV29.2.W22ABAS Installation, Wiring, and TestingReed, Christopher W.2/7/223/23/2217:00:0020:20:00
SERV26.2.W22ADDC Controls, Programs and Control PanelsMurrish, Lucas A2/8/223/24/2217:00:0020:20:00
SERV30.2.SP22ABAS Web based ControlReed, Christopher W.3/28/225/12/2217:00:0020:20:00
SERV27.2.SP22AAdvanced DDC ControlsMurrish, Lucas A3/29/225/12/2217:00:0020:20:00

2021 Welding Certification Dates

December 15, 2021 – San Jose Training Facility

2022 Welding Certification Dates

January 19, 2022 – Fairfield Training Facility

February 16, 2022 – San Jose Training Facility

March 16, 2022 – Fairfield Training Facility

April 20, 2022 – San Jose Training Facility

May 18, 2022 – Fairfield Training Facility

June 15, 2022 – San Jose Training Facility

July 20, 2022 – Livermore Training Facility

August 17, 2022 – Fairfield Training Facility

September 21, 2022 – San Jose Training Facility

October 19, 2022 – Livermore Training Facility

November 16, 2022 – Fairfield Training Facility

December 21, 2022 – San Jose Training Facility


Personal protection equipment, flashlight, hand tools, and current dues receipt are required.

All weld testing begins at 5:00 p.m. sharp, unless instructed otherwise.

Attendance must be scheduled at least one week prior to testing.

To sign up to all dates and locations, or for any questions, please call Linda Montenegro at (510) 483-9035 Ext. 1073.

Please bring in original test records for updates.


The International Training Institute (ITI) is now offering on-line courses including a Title 24 MATT Level 1 course, to members. To review the courses available, click on the link below to be directed the ITI’s website.