Applicant Classes

Applicant Self Enrichment classes are available for applicants who are currently working as pre-apprentices. Applicants have the ability of gaining three additional ranking points for each successfully completed class. Applicants who are not working as a pre-apprentice have the ability to submit trade related self-enrichment classes that they have completed from other educational entities for review to be considered as trade relevant and to have ranking points added.

To register for a class, contact the training coordinator at the facility you would like to take the class at.
ClassShort DescriptionStart DateEnd DateStart TimeHours Per ClassMeets On
Applicant Informational Classes4/18/20235/9/202317:00:003Tuesday
Applicant Informational Classes10/19/202311/09/202317:00:003Thursday
Class NameShort DescriptionStart DateEnd DateStart TimeHours Per ClassMeets On
APP CLASS.4.F22AApplicant Informational Classes9/14/2210/5/2217:00:003Wednesday
ClassShort DescriptionStart DateEnd DateStart TimeHours Per ClassMeets On
APP Class.3.F.23A (3017A)Applicant informational classes10/16/202311/06/202317:00:003Mondays
ClassShort DescriptionStart DateEnd DateStart TimeHours Per ClassMeets On
APP CLASS.1.F23BApplicant Informational Classes11/27/202312/7/202316:30:003Monday/ Wednesday

Class Descriptions

SMQ20 – Measuring & Sketching:

Instruction in field measuring and sketching as used in the sheet metal industry. The class will include the use of math equations for finding angles and true length measurements along with sketching techniques for communicating field measurements effectively.

SMQ21 – Project Management:

Instruction in project initiation, project planning, project execution, project monitoring and controlling and project closing. The objective of project management is to produce a complete project which complies with the client’s objectives.

SMQ24 – Metal Roofing:

Instruction in fabrication and installation of various types of metal roofs.

SMQ25 – Introduction to Detailing:

Introduction to detailing sheet metal projects including understanding shop drawing, preparing shop drawing, duct construction standards and development of a detailing shop drawing.

SMQ26 – Foreperson Training:

Introduction to plan, schedule, assign, train union employees and supervise the work of others; to communicate effectively; and to maintain effective working relations on the job site.

SMQ27 – Basic Autocad:

An introductory class to the basic functionality of AutoCAD as it relates to the HVAC layout in the field. Emphasis on the key commands and workflow that will help transition the students into BIM detailing using Fabrication CAD MEP.

SERV 25- DDC. Electronic Control Systems

An introduction to the terminology, system architecture and components in a DDC Control System.

SERV 26- DDC. Building Automation Systems and Controllers

An introduction of the Reason for, applications and capabilities of Building Automation systems, the control points and controllers used.

SERV 27-DDC. Operator Interfaces

Introduction to operator interfaces and access of a system to manipulate control points and diagnose DDC systems.

SERV 28- DDC. Building Automation System Inputs and Outputs

Introduction to the analog and digital inputs and outputs that change the state of controllers and controlled devices.

SERV 29-DDC. Building Automation System Installation, Wiring an Testing

An introduction to the principals of DDC installation and system testing.

SERV 30-DDC. Networks and Web Based Control

Familiarization with networks, devices, terms and concepts