Coordinators List – Recognizing Apprentices Setting The Standards

Coordinators List

Recognizing Apprentices Setting the Standard


The Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 104 and Bay Area Industry Training Fund (District 1) is proud to present the following list of Apprentices who have made the Coordinators List. This list represents Building Trades Sheet Metal, Building Trades Service, TAB, AC Specialist and Service Tech Apprentice Classifications. While we believe every one of our apprentices has the potential to be great there are those who are trying to be on top of their game.

What does it take to make the Coordinators list?

  • Must maintain an 85% GPA or better
  • Perfect class attendance for the previous 6 month advancement period
  • All OJT reports turned in on time for the previous 6 month advancement period
  • Must have received Employer Evaluations, no “Poor” marks and achieved a scoring of 23 or greater on the evaluations in the past 6 month advancement period
  • All Community Service obligations are complete and up to date


With over one thousand apprentices, 13% meet or surpass this criteria. We are confident that this number will grow as the Program continues to reinforce positive behaviors.

The following high performing apprentices met the criteria over the January 1, 2019 – June 30, 2019 advancement period and are recognized as being on the Coordinators’ List for the July – December 2019 period.

Alcantar, Arthur
Alza, Orlando J
Anderson, Spencer M.
Archibald, Jacob R
Baciocco, David J.
Bartlett, Chad A.
Baumhauer, Christopher J.
Bautista, Christopher J.
Beerbower, Gary M.
Bellefeville, James
Beratlis, Dan R.
Best, Bradley A
Brumit, Tyler C
Bunting, Justin T.
Bushey, Jacob W.
Cademas, Louielar E
Carlsen-Bullock, Miranda
Castaneda, Ernesto
Castro, Julio D.
Catalli, Steven G.
Chapa, Israel
Chege, James G
Chon, Scott B.
Churchill, David L
Cire, Edward J.
Cooper, Nathan P
Cox, Derek G
Crider, Ricky L.
D’Amico, Justin R.
Dang, Viet L
Danli, Jason R.
De Montaigu-MacNeel, Orion A
DeMartini, John M
Dizon, Joshua R.
Domingoes, Richard A.
Dorst, Joseph R.
Escobar, Ken S.
Fay, Ryan
Fernandez, Keith B.
Fessel, Thomas N.
Figueroa, Jose
Gabriele, Carmen Michael
Gadayan, Alex G.
Gadow, Nate
Gale, Sean
Garduno, Daniel
Garro, Lucas G.
Glines, Drew R
Gomez, Jr., Jorge
Green, Aipolo P.
Guan, Wei Bin
Hall, Eric J
Hockett, Joseph D
Hong, David
Horn, Kellen W.
Huynh, Dan
Ibarra, Michael A
James, Bryan
Johnson, Colton L.
Johnson, George
Kawzinski, David
Kruger, Michael R
Langlois, Jason A.
Lapitan, Rey
Lewis, Justin S.
Lopez, Jairo
Martin III, Kenneth J
Martin, Kevin P
Martinez, Jesus O
Mascari, Michael V.
Matosich, Renee G
McGuire, Kyle
Medina, Jerry A
Meyers, Nathan
Milani, Andrew
Molina, Alfred P.
Montoya, Matthew D.
Murdoch, Bradly W.
Nelson, Jonathan W.
Neto Collins, Arric
Owens, Anthony Michael
Parajuli, Sujan
Pascoe, Daniel A.
Pope, Christopher T
Portesi, Peter J
Pratt II, Donald R
Pusateri, Daniel F.
Quaresma, Anthony R
Quitoriano, Andrew A
Ramirez, Jose Guadalupe
Ramos, Alexander M.
Ray, Kristopher M.
Reed, Christopher W
Rigling, Kevin C
Rodriguez, Armando
Rodriguez, Rances L.
Romero, Jesus E.
Romesberg, Jason J
Romiti, Earl A.
Ross, Christopher M.
Rossi, Anthony J.
Sabo, Thomas M
Sams, Kyle D
Sanchez, Maximiliano D
Saunders, James R
Segovia, Richard A
Shapiro, Patrick
Smith, Andrew K
Spiegle, Travis
Stamper, Michael M
Stidger, Travis J.
Sturdevant, Gregory M.
Suarez, Omar I
Swink, Brady
Thompson, Jeffrey A.
Thompson, Sean
Torres, Ricardo J
Tran, Long D
Tran, Tri B
Tsui, Jerry
Umanzor, Otto O.
VanDenHeuvel, Casey J
Vang, Vang
Villalobos, James
Villeta, Enrico
Watson, Michael B.
Williamson, Joseph
Wu, Yuan Fu
You, Wesley T.
Zhao, Guanning