USS Hornet Field Trip

Local 104 building trades service apprentices recently made a field trip to the USS Hornet Museum docked in Alameda, California. The apprentices were privileged to have a tour of the engine room and the mechanical spaces given by a docent who was a retired Navy engineering officer who served on Essex class carriers. The apprentices were impressed by the primarily steam driven equipment that had very few automatic controls and required constant monitoring and hand operation to allow the equipment to function properly and safely. The idea that these tasks were being carried out by sailors between the ages of 18 and 22 was an example to the apprentices of what can be accomplished by dedication and hard work. The apprentices were inspired by the dedication of the sailors who approached every task with the commitment and attitude of “On this day, let every man do his duty”!


Left to right, retired Warrant Officer Ron Ukovich, Christopher Ross, Michael Watson, David Woolley, Michael D’Angelo, John Perry, and Colton Britton.
Retired Warrant officer Ron Ukovich explains the USS Hornet, circa 1943, steam turbine generators to local 104 Building Trades Service Apprentices, Michael D’Angelo and Colton Britton
Left to right, Christopher Ross, Michael D’Angelo, Michael Watson, David Woolley, John Perry and Colton Britton